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Calligraphy & Cocktails Resource List

Resource List For My November Workshop at Maximalist Studios!

Pictures from the workshop will be posted separately.

Pens: Tombow Fudenosake Brush Pens (Hard Tip & Soft Tip)

These are the pens that I used in the workshop! The black pen is the soft tip and the dark blue pen is the one with the firmer tip. You can order these almost anywhere! I prefer to order off of amazon although sites like JetPens and PaperInkArts also carry these.

Another type of black calligraphy brush pen that I LOVE: Sakura Pigma Professional FB (Fine Brush) or MB (Medium Brush)

Here are two types of watercolor dual tip brush pens: Tombow (brand name) and ArtistsLoft (Michaels' Brand, still great!) You can blend these together to get a layered effect and they come in every color you would ever need to use.

Paper: HP Premium32 LaserJet Paper

There are so many companies that make "calligraphy" paper and I've tried many of those products and some are great and some I wasn't a huge fan of. The cheapest option for amazing, smooth, bleed-proof paper is just a ream of HP 32 LB Premium LaserJet Paper. It works with brush pens and works perfectly with steel nib and wet ink (doesn't bleed through, crisp edges).

If you are looking for something a little more brand name, you can use Rhodia Products

Cardstock: I order a lot of my card stock through wholesale sites but for bulk retail I would recommend sites like LCI Paper, PaperMillStore and OrangeArt Retail. LCI and Paper Mill have lots and lots of different envelopes, paper and cardstock in every color you could imagine as well as specialty paper like vellum and transparent overlays. OrangeArt is a wholesale program that I'm part of and they have a retail side as well where you can buy high end cotton letterpress stationery like Crane Lettra,handmade paper like Arpa and the beautiful Florence-made deckled edge Rossi stationery. If you enjoy beautiful handmade paper, you can also try buying from artisans like SHARE STUDIOS, RagPapterie and Fabulous Fancy Pants.

Below are more links to all sorts of beautiful things: (Art Supply Superstore)


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